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"Buck" is the first name of our spokes elf, a visual morph of Santa Claus and Papa Smurf ®, with a personality that's pure Philadelphia.

A Buck's Capacitor is a person (or a network of websites) who combines and stores small amounts of knowledge, experience or other assets
until they can be "discharged" in a carefully-planned, powerful and effective way.

Rootsification © is a new kind of "gentrification" that primarily benefits individuals who have roots in the neighborhood that is being upgraded.


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E Stone Soup

is probably the easiest way to describe The Advisory Team (@) and its role in this network's projects.

Everyone who signs up for our updates automatically becomes part of our Advisory Team. Some will share ideas that become part of one of our community projects.

Most will be little more than an email address, but even that level of participation adds numbers and power that extend how far we can reach and how much we can accomplish. (Each signup adds an estimated $100 to the value of our sites. We can leverage that into a great deal of activity. If we get a viral response to our Advisory Team recruitments, we'll be able to leverage it into clones of these projects in multiple cities.)

Updates will be published in The Roots And Wings Journal.

Sign up forms are located at the bottom of this page, and every home page of our sites.


Buck's Idea Fund

Buck's Innovation Fund

The real power of a Buck's Capacitor comes from the individuals who sign up for The Roots And Wings Journal.

Their curiosity, ideas and comments drive the financial assets that will push these projects forward.

If, as the story goes, a dainty, little butterfly can flap its wings in China and cause a hurricane over the Atlantic Ocean, imagine what the impact will be of YOUR participation in The Advisory Team.

Your signup will add your address to our monthly Journal updates and will never be shared with any third parties.

Your comments and ideas will be answered and, if appropriate, will be woven into the basket of goods and services that are available in Urban Fair Trade's projects.

By The Way: Your visit to this page has already added leverage to our financial negotiations. Thank You.







Row House

Prosperity For Our Posterity

This program is house flipping in slow motion to achieve rootsification ©.

The way each deal is initially structured, the "flipper" oversees the remodelling. The equity financing comes with the package they purchase from one of the real estate wholesalers who seek out the properties for us. The "flipper" earns a typical builder's fee and continuing management fees for the five years before the property is sold to the option owner.

The "flipper" will walk away from the sale with a return of whatever equity he or she holds in the building. That figure includes the inflationary increase in the building's value. That amount has compounded during four years, giving the "flipper's" original investment a double digit return for each of those four years.

On the other side of this fair deal is a new home owner who hasn't paid a penny more than the home is worth, and will probably be paying less than its actual market value.




Union Soldier

Mr Lincoln's
Stone Soup

After three days of fighting at Gettysburg,

four lost, hungry and penny-less soldiers stumbled into a small village several miles from that epic battle.

Many villagers turned out to see the visitors. But when the soldiers requested a meal, each villager claimed that, because of the war, they had no food to spare. The Army of the Potomac had regulations against poaching or foraging on private property in Union states, so the soldiers were facing another day without food.

One soldier approached an old woman and asked if he could borrow a large pot. He then asked her permission to fill it at her well and to set a cooking fire near the road.

At the edge of the road in front of the woman’s house, the soldiers built a fire under the enormous pot and began to boil the water. The first soldier reached into a small, hard tack pouch that hung from his belt and pulled out a small round stone that he dropped into the water.

Curious villagers gathered around to watch the spectacle. A few looked into the pot and noticed that the stone had dissolved and slightly tinted the color of the water. They did not realize that the soldier had boiled a clay marble and not a magic stone.

The soldier then took a small taste of the clay broth and declared “This is very good, but if I had some salt to add, it would be most satisfying!”

A young woman in the crowd responded to the soldier’s hint and ran back to her house to get some salt. With another taste and a hint for an onion, the soldier got his onion, as well as suggestions about what else should go into a proper soup.

Soon, most of the villagers were running to their homes to fetch their favorite soup ingredients to add to the pot. Vegetables and spices, ham bones and even several pounds of salt pork soon filled the pot with soup and the air with the aroma of a banquet.

That day, the entire village feasted on “Mr Lincoln's Stone Soup” until they could eat no more.

Since that time, the women of the village add a clay marble to their soups and stews in hopes of re-experiencing the warm feelings of that day with their families and their friends.

(CAUTION! Glass or steel marbles are no substitute for clay marbles and may be a choking hazard. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION!)




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