Rememories of Home is the "Livin' IN The Dream" portion of the Rememories sites, where your personal actions, not the postings of others, trigger the "Oh I remember THAT!"  smiles and warm feelings. (The 1099 Guild is part of the "Livin' The Dream" portion).

It's all about remodeling, maintenance and upgrades for your home. Literally MILLIONS of products that can help with your "Honey Do" projects can be delivered to your door without the hassles of hunting down the right doohickie or widget at your local "big box" store.

Our special search feature makes it even easier. Using it can help you find the best deals for the EXACT items that you need.

"A House Can Hold You, But Only A Home Will Embrace You."   —-  Cap'n Jack

(The Captain's Favorite Home "Making" Resources Are Featured in The IVY Collection)

Don't forget! October is the time to do your home's annual physical checkup.  A basic checklist is posted at CHECKLIST.

Catch problems when they are small and "Honey Do-able" and not in a few years when a $1 repair today has turned into needing a new roof. Cosmetic problems usually indicate trouble below the surface.